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Fun with Scrabble Homonyms and Beyond

  As a first-time publisher, I hope everyone will enjoy my first edition/volume of Scrabble Homonyms.  As I have put on the back cover of my book, I came up with this idea upon noticing the Scrabble dictionaries did not show how to pronounce such strange words that the makers(Merriam-Webster) included (like "How do you even say CWM, HWYL, & PUISNE?")  and thought of putting it all together in a book adding some fun to it at the same time.  I mistakenly left out that my very first time of writing experience began just out of high school back in the 1970's for my small-town paper in Ohio on star-gazing---NOT a great place for that near the Great Lakes!!  Then I joined a Scrabble club in AZ, years after playing the game with my family in NW OH  and it became more fun and learning new words along the way with its own sense of vocabulary (like words as verbs when you think of them as nouns), one of the main reasons for this book.  You will learn oddball words such as blagging, bubu, cwm, futz, offal, putz, stonking, and zuz  But no homophones for pogonip, unfortunately!  There will be more to come in the 2nd Edition, besides additional homonyms.   May this first one be an informative educational tool (to partly compensate the dumbing-down by the school system) and a blessing for your family.


   To get your own guidebook to pronunciation click here:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/prof-dave-la-cash/fun-with-scrabble-homonyms-and-beyond-guide-to-pronunciation/paperback/product-22524837.html in print version or ebook format or by calling (844)212-0689.   You can view sample pages by clicking on the above "Sample Pages" link.


  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact my publisher, Lulu Press, or use the form below.

Dave La Cash

*Disclaimer:  I'm a self-proclaimed professor via this book that needed to get out.  Thank you.    

Customer Reviews

Even if you've never played Scrabble in your life (how can that be?), you would enjoy this book. I open it every morning before I leave for work to a random page, pick a word, and read the definitions. It maketh me smileth. What a sense of humor, Professor! Love it,  Dani.E.
By Becky C on May 14, 2016
This will be a fun and educational tool for all the Scrabble players out there with its witty sentences such as altar & alter and awful & offal.
Thoughtful, insightful. Great for the game of Scrabble and offers a fun enlightening word search.
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