Sample pages from the guidebook


Aa;         rough, cindery lava

Aha©;   used to express surprise or triumph

You might go “Aha!” if you’re in Hawaii and come across some aa by surprise!

Aal;     East Indian shrub

Al;       East Indian mulberry tree

All;      everything or all-inclusive

Awl;    pointed woodworking tool

The carving artist used his all in making his creation with his awl out of the al tree and aal bush.

Aba;       garment worn by Arabs

Abba;   the honoring title of father

The Arab abba wore his aba at all times!

Abater;    a person who abates

Abator;    person who unlawfully obtains an inheritance

The habitual abator made sure he did not become an abater in his hot pursuit and victimizing others!

Abbe;      superior at a monastery

Abbey;    monastery or convent

The abbe lives at the abbey at serene St. David, Az.

Able;   having the ability or power

Able;   communication code word for letter A

The Coast Guard was able to use the code word able in their communications.

Absence;    condition of being away such as on vacation

Absents;     to take away

The little brat child habitually absents himself from school and leaves a plethora of absence.

Abstract;    hard to grasp or understand

Abstract;    to take away

The mathematician had to abstract an equation as it was just too abstract to keep on the board.

Absurd;    ridiculously unreasonable

Absurd;   a state in which man lives in an irrational and meaningless universe

It’s totally absurd to even consider that we live in an absurd state!!

Accept;     to permit or allow

Except;    to omit or disallow

The Little Rascals only accept boys and except girls into their girl-hating club.

Achene(akene);    type of fruit such as the tiny seed-like parts on the outer strawberry

Aching;                        suffering a dull continuous pain

It should not be aching to eat the achene fruit!

Actin;         protein found in muscle tissue

Acting©;   trade of an actor or filling out a role in a play

     The actin in the actor started acting up but made him perform better!

Acts;    performs an action

Ax;      to use an ax, a cutting tool

The tinman did many acts with his ax in the land of Oz until he got rusty and froze in place.

Acute;    marked by severity/sharpness

Acute;    an accent mark

The acute pain was caused by seeing too many acutes!

Addax;      large Saharan antelope

Addicts;    devotes or gets hooked up to something out of habit such as drugs

Attics;       the areas just below the roof of houses used for storage

A safari hunter maybe addicts himself by searching for that elusive addax out in the wild plains of Africa and not in any attics!!

Adder;     North American poisonous viper

Attar;       a fragrance for perfumes

The hiker tried to use an attar to avoid the adder along the trail!

Ads;                  advertisements

Adds;               sums up or totals

Adz(adze);    to shape wood with a cutting tool

The editor adds up all the ads for the paper and uses his adz for his hobby afterhours.

Aerie(aery,eyrie);   a nest high up on a mountain cliff

Airy(aery);                  up in the air or lofty

Eyry;                              a journey

The eagles make their aerie in a quite airy place and make a daily eyry for food!

Aerie;                 bird’s nest built up high on a cliff/mountain

Eerie(eery);   weird or strange

To us humans where eagles place their aeries would seem eerie!

Aerial;    an antenna

Ariel;       gazelle of Africa

You might say the ariel has two hard aerials (horns) on its head.

Aero;      pertaining to aircraft

Arrow;    to note the proper direction of (→)

     Aeronautics require the use of arrows in their navigation systems.

Aether;     upper area of our atmosphere

Ether;        liquid used as an anesthetic

You would not expect to find ether in the aether part of the atmosphere but in hospitals.

Affair;       an activity done or to be done

Affaire;    brief emotional relationship

A married wife decided to have an affaire affair with this guy she has been seeing!!

Affects;    to show a false appearance of

Effects;     to bring about

The special-effects guy in the movies affects us all when we see them as it’s just a movie!

Affiance;    to wed your special sweetheart

Affiants;     persons who make written statements under oath

      The affiants just may be the ones to help you affiance your sweetheart.

Again;   once more

Agin;      against

After much thought, he again was agin the idea the stuntman had in mind.

Agora;     marketplace of ancient Greece

Agora;     former monetary unit of Israel

You would NOT find any agora in use at the time when the agora of old Greece was in use!

Ahi;     yellowfin tuna

Ai©;    three-toed sloth

The ai was nowhere near the ocean-dwelling ahi!!

Aid;        to help

Aide;    an assistant

The hospital aide gave aid where needed.

Ail;     to give pain or suffer discomfort

Ale;   an alcoholic drink

The bartender made sure he did not ail the sot by letting him have another ale!!

Ain;     ayin, the 16th letter of Hebrew alphabet

Ane;    one

     The ane student in the whole class was curious about the ain letter.

Air;         early

Air;         to expose to the atmosphere

Ere;      before

Err;        to make a mistake

Eyre    a journey

Heir;    to inherit

To heir and err air(early), you might as well air it and NOT take it with your eyre!

Airs;          exposes to the atmosphere

Errs;         makes a mistake

Ers;          ervil, a vetch of Europe

Eyres;    journeys

Heirs;     inherits

One errs by not letting the ers airs that he heirs, you might say!!

Airless;      without air

Heirless;    having no inheritors

    The dead Osama-defected terrorist was indeed airless and heirless!

Aisle;   passage between seat sections

Isle;     to put on a small island

The crashed jet’s aisle was exposed when it isled in the middle of the ocean!

Ait;      little island

Ate;     blind ambition that drives one to ruin

Eight; the number 8

The eight of them experienced an ate while on a lonely ait in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Alae;    wings or wing-like parts

Alley;   any narrow walkway such as between two buildings One may try to fly in an alley with some alae!!


Albumen;   white of an egg

Albumin;    protein of milk, egg whites, and many plant tissues

The scientist was experimenting with the albumin of milk with the albumen of an egg.

Alef(aleph);    Hebrew letter

Alif;                     an Arabic letter(l)

The Arabic-converted scribe used both an alef and an alif in writing down his notes from Isaiah of the Old Testament to figure out prophetic end-times codes.

Alfa;        communication code word of the letter A

Alpha;   the first letter of the Greek alphabet (α)

The CIA could not decide whether to use alfa or alpha for their clandestine techniques against the Taliban and El-Quiada.

Allay;    to lessen in intensity or severity

Allee;    tree-lined pathway found in a park or to an entrance

A jogger may allay his routine in the nearby allee to appreciate his surroundings.

Allude;     to make indirect reference to

Elude;        to evade

Illude©;      to trick or deceive

The shyster liked to illude his victims by alluding to his decoy, thereby making it possible to elude!

Altar;     raised platform in the front of a church

Alter;     to change

Abigail was hoping her indecisive Allen would not alter their plans at the altar!!

Amends;      improves upon something

Aments©;     mentally-deficient people

Emends;       corrects

The aments were told to try to make amends to make their lives better to cope with or their favorite Justice League super-hero emends thimgs in order!

Ample;                       abundant

Ampul(ampule;    small glass vial

When working in a lab with ampuls one does not have ample samples to work with!

Ana;       a potpourri of various information on a certain subject

Anna;    older coin of India and Pakistan

While going through the deceased person’s ana they found some old annas.

Analyst;    one who digs into situations or mysteries

Annalist;   historian

A crime scene analyst could also be a local annalist.

Anele;     to anoint as when the pope does to a Catholic follower for blessing

Anneal;   to toughen or stiffen

When one would get aneled by such a one as the Pope that person would be less annealed.

Anion;       negatively charged ion

Anyon;     subatomic particle between bosons and fermions

    The Fermi Lab outside Chicago may test how anions affect anyons.

Ant;       tiny insect that can be a pest at picnics

Aunt;    a sister of one’s mother or father

Your aunt Gertrude might freak out if ants ruined her outdoor picnic party.

Apatite;       a calcium phosphate mineral

Appetite;   desire or urge to eat or drink

      A rock hound could work up an appetite after hunting for apatite.

Apothegm;    short terse saying\

Apothem;       line from the center of a polygon to one of its sides

       The mathematician could have an apothegm when explaining the apothem.


Appose;     to place side by side

Oppose;    to be in conflict with

If you appose two magnets together they just may oppose each other.

Apprise;   to inform or notify

Apprize;   appraise or set a value on

The insurance adjuster’s job was to apprize the damages and then apprise the owner.

Apps;   computer programs for major tasks

Apse;   domed, semicircular projection of a building

For the builder, there may be apps in designing and making the apse!

Ar;      letter R

Are;   area equal to 119.6 square yards

The maize-maker measured out an are in his field to make a big ar or R.

Arbor;                        tree rather than a shrub

Arbor(arbour);     shady garden shelter

The back yard had a great arbor of arbors.

Arc;    to move along a curved course

Ark;    huge boat such as the one Noah built for the Great Flood ± 4500 yrs. ago

      A modern-day ark may follow the arc of the river such as the Mississippi.

Archine;      Russian unit of measure =27.7”

Arching©;   series of arches

One might have an arching over an area of an archine if you’re in Russia!

Arcus;     arch-shaped cloud

Arkose;   sandstone from granite or gneiss

A creative one may make an arcus into a slab of arkose.

Area;    certain expanse of a surface

Area;   part of the cerebral cortex with a certain function A certain area of the brain is an area!


Argle;                  to argue

Argol(argal);   crust formed in wine casks while aging

Argil;                  white clay

      One cannot argle when you can see an argol on a wine cask in storage.

Arrant;    outright

Errant;    wanderer

Nomads are indeed arrant errants!

Arras;     tapestry of the Flemish region

Arris;      ridge created by two surfaces meeting together

Arroz;    rice from Spain

Eros;     sexual desire

An arris could be made when making an arras.

Could eating a lot of arroz increase one’s eros?

Ascent;   the act of moving upward

Assent;   to show approval

They gave their assent for us to make the ascent up the pyramid of Giza.

Ascus;    spore sac in certain fungi

Askos;    oil jar from the time of ancient Greece

Upon close inspection of the askos that was found from a dig site an ascus was found on it.


Zaida(zaideh, zeda); grandfather
Zeta;                          6th letter of the Greek alphabet

       A Greek zaida would use a zeta in his diary or letter-writing!

Zein[zee-in];   protein from corn

Zine[zeen]©;       magazine

The zein protein is used for making zine binders?

Zooks;   used as a mild oath

Zouks;   dance musics of the French West Indies

The Russian traveler to the Caribbean might just say zooks when he heard for the first time the zouks of the area!!

Zoon;   the whole of a fertilized egg

Zoon;   to zoom

The biologist may want to zoon in her zoon sample.

Zoos;   places where animals are kept for public display

Zuz;     ancient Hebrew silver coin

You would definately NOT find a zuz in zoos today!!

305        ©

Words that the National Scrabble Assoc. approved but

       Merriam-Webster rejected for the last 2 Editions


Abo                               Jacuzzi(s)                       Realtor(s)

Aqualung(s)                 Jello(s)                            Rexine(s)

Archean                        Jetway(s)                    

                                                Jurassic                        Samoyed(s)


Bakelite(s)                    Kewpie(s)                       Silurian

Benadryl(s)                   Kleenex(es)                   Sorta

Biro(s)                           Kurtosises(var.)            Spansule(s)

Boursin(s)                                                            Stellite(s)

Brillo(s)                          Lapides                         Stetson(s)

Buddha(s)                      Les                               


Celotex(es)                    Lilo(s)                           

Cenozoic                        Lucite(s)                         Taleysim

Colickier                         Lurex(es)                        Tallaisim

Colickiest                       Lycra(s)                          Tallitoth

Cyclopes                                                                Tannoy(s)

                                                  Mailgram(s)                    Teflon(s)

Dacron(s)                       Masonite(s)                    Terylene(s)

Devonian                       Mesozoic                        Thermit(s)

Dobro(s)                         Miocene                          Tofutti(s)

Dumpster(s)                   Mips                                Tres

                                         Mylar(s)                          Triassic


Emmy(s)                         Neogene                          Uptalked(-ing)


Enuresises                      Orlon(s)                            Vaseline

Eocene                             Ozalid(s)                           Velcro(s)

Exahertzes                                                                 Venus(es)


Formica(s)                       Permian                            Wimmin

Frisbee(s)                        Pernod(s)                         Wog

                                          Perspex(es)                     Wop

Haftoros                           Pliocene                            

Hertzes                             Popsicle(s)                       Yid

Holocene                          Postcavas

                                                      Pyrex(es)                         Zlot

Inion                                                                            Zlotych 

                                              307           ©                                                                                          

Scrabble Words That Can Be Proper Names

(incl. the famous)


Abba—the title of father (rock group)

Abigail—maid of a lady

Al—tree of East India or the mulberry

Alamo—softwood tree

  (the Alamo in Texas)


Alan—large hunting dog

Alaska—heavy fabric

Alma—professional Egyptian girl who sings & dances

Angel—to support financially

Anna—former coin of India & Pakistan

Apollo—handsome young man

Arco—note/passage played w/

bow of stringed instruments

 (the fuel co.)


Ariel—gazelle of Africa

(character in the movie The Little Mermaid and a moon of Uranus)

Art—pleasing & meaningful arrangement of elements

Ava—at all

Baal—a false god

Balboa—monetary unit of Panama

Bangkok—straw hat

Barbie—portable fireplace to cook

Barney—noisy argument

Barry—divided into horizontal bars

Batman—an orderly of a military

officer (John Batman, Aussie pioneer of 1801-1839 & the superhero of Gotham City)

Beck(short for Becky)----to beckon

Bell—a ringing device (Alexander

Graham Bell)

Ben—an inner room

308          © copyrighted


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